When (and how) to talk to your fears

Everyone has fears. Babies have fears. Grown ups have fears. Even animals have fears. Fears are fascinating to me.

Tell me your fears! Fears are rational and irrational – but they run skin-deep! So today I just wanted to share a few tips – as fears can be addressed.


You can “talk to your fears” – at night, before bedtime. Night time is a perfect time of day to mitigate your fears by just talking to yourself about doing you fear. For example, you can put that “something” on your calendar and to do list – then close your eyes and just imagine doing it.

Another tip is go on forum and talk to people who are already doing what you want to be doing . This is called “coming close to your fears”. So these are the 2 techniques – talking to your fears and coming close to your fears THE NIGHT BEFORE you do something .

In the morning though you can say Out Loud your affirmations for Affirmations are best repeated in the morning when your minds “identity of self” is still asleep (just like a computer your mind needs to re-load it’s OPERATING system) that’s when you can repeat your affirmations to retain the qualities that you want – the qualities that you are lacking…

So once again: in the morning is the perfect time to add qualities pertaining to your identity. At night the time is perfect to “talk to your fears” about things you are afraid to do; when your action center is “falling asleep”.

I have posted some of my own affirmations on my Affirmations page.

Good luck!




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