Stuck in a mode? Try this!

OK so I know there are different modes from which we humans operate:

I think it would be fair to tie Spiritual and Physical ; and Emotional and Intellectual into a second team.

If we had a compare how our system works, then our emotions are the Horses that charge forward. Intellect is the horseman in charge of the horses. And then, behind this dynamic duo, there’s a carriage – our physical being. Inside the carriage, there’s Spirit.

Overall it’s an interconnected system. The Spirit is able to communicate to the Mind but not directly to the physical… It is sort of stuck. The mind can make physical changes as a clever Horseman who gets the carriage to the destination of your Spirits wants.

One more interesting thing: when you want to make a mind (and emotions) shut down, you must simply sway the balance by concentrating on purely physical growth. Your spirit will be able to communicate that bodily happiness indirectly (via subconsciousness).

And vice versa, when we need to stop aching physically, then all we need to do us to focus exclusively on the other side of your being : the mind and the emotions.

So now, since we ve just learned about the balance of the system, I want to propose an experiment: try tomorrow to alternate physical and intellectual activities every hour of the day. Let me know what your results were!!!

Yours in power and strength –


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