Act THEN feel rule

To continue with my topic of goal accomplishment and in examining the basic makeup of a human nature..,

I want to inspire and urge people to take more action. Many of you await to feel like doing something and to those people I say: this feeling will never come. Act!!! And the feelings will come. Act as if you had the feeling that you want (just imagine it). We are born to feel victorious and triumphant, which comes after you accomplish something.

Which reminds me of analogy I mentioned earlier on this site about a horse and a carriage. I also have explained before, that inside the carriage there is the thinking entity which makes all the decisions. The horse represents the feelings; so sometimes our feelings take off and especially when we are afraid, we lose the ability to think. The horses take flight!

But what I haven’t talked about is the man in the middle – a jockey with a whip that takes an action. It’s very funny that the man in the middle actually holds a whip because it’s represents an action , Propelled by our decisions. You (inside the carriage) told him where you want to go, and his job is to actually take you there. So if you follow me, action is almost always precipitated by force (a whip), or simple pull of the reigns.

So to recap, we have literally to force ourselves to take an action – whether we feel it or not, because the feelings (the horse) come after action!

Remember: ACT , then feel rule and take an action as fast as you would crack an imaginary whip.

Feelings are of your animalistic nature and can’t always be tamed or understood – feelings are blind (a blindfolded horse) therefore don’t try to reason with your feelings. It’s enough to force an action and your feelings will have to go in the same direction, rather than wherever they please šŸ™‚ it’s your job to tame those wild animals, make friends with them, but don’t try to understand them. As wild animals they will never truly be owned, but they can be tamed and trained. However since feelings are animals they will always have to urge to go on their own. It’s your job to keep them in check!

So, when goals are not being accomplished, ask yourself where in these three areas there is a lack of activity. Is it number one – a lack of decision? Is it number two ā€“ lack of action? Because without an action, the carriage will stand still. Or is it number three ā€“ the lack of “animal control”, where feelings are allowed to take the carriage wherever they please – for example such feelings as fear, being upset, anger, hurt, combative mode : all these feelings are distractions, and your horses at that point are running away taking you far, far away from your goals. So what should you be feeling WHILE trying to achieve your goals? … Check the picture. It’s Nothing. It’s not your feelings turn yet – it’s time to act! The only “real feeling” you should be feeling right now is the pain from the imaginary whip (or a fear of a whip) and determination. Then you can also dangle a carrot in front of your horses and motivate yourself by saying how great it will feel once you get there. I personally believe in a whip more than I do in carrots… And even know I’ve seen “the secret” about the power of visualization, let me tell you, I have never seen a horse being led by enticing it with carrots. TOO FREAKING SLOW. Visualization is something that happens in a matter of seconds for me, during the planning stage, (while still in my imaginary carriage, where I think and make decisions).

But after that, it’s time to get to whipping (I meant to work, haha). It’s done fast. It’s done without feelings, as and I don’t depend on my horse to function. It is a different entity that is in charge now – my “Jockey” forces me to act and do whatever is necessary in a harsh, matter-of factly way.

After an action is taken, horses are finally taking their turn. I am allowed to relax, rejoice, to have a triumphant flexing of the muscle. The key of taming the horses is to have an even, upbeat, positive disposition but without “too much ” emotion and I especially mean negative emotion. Ignoring the feelings and telling your horses: hold on, it’s not your turn yet, may also do the trick.


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