Day 1 of my Emotion-Free life

As you know I am the freak that decided to do this crazy experiment of living my life “without feelings” for 1 month. What I uncovered today was my brain was pretty much WIRED to feed into positive emotion. In fact every decision I made was partially (subconsciously) a feel-good decision…

So I consciously decided to dismiss every emotion that came about. For example when I came to my regular lunch place determined to let my brain decide what IT wanted without doubts, regrets, fears, or intentional pleasure seeking… I ordered a hefty rib plate in place of my regular no frills sandwich. I was surprised since my regular choice is what I thought was a more rational choice. But as you know it’s an experiment so I will simply make observations and will keep on avoiding making decisions based on emotions. My second choice today – instead of my regular gym place, my “thinking entity” made a call and I exercised at a fancy hotel. Again the more expensive and rather strange Choice but I had no regrets, fears, doubts or second guessing. I have allowed myself to just be. This hotel was very close to where I live too… But it’s interesting to note that my emotion-free brain was more spendey, whilst my emotional self was apparently more frugal. Without fear, my thinking entity makes more risky, bold choices, and it makes them rather quickly too.

Pretty interesting that I’m not yet falling apart without my favorite show… But it’s only been day 1! Lol we’ll see how long will I last. I will also try to plan my meals in advance …just so my emotionless Self doesn’t surprise me again. Hehe… My brain is interesting for me to study… Without feelings to motivate it, how will it do? How smart am I?.. What else will I discover?.. What about you – how attached are YOU to your emotions?

Keep following me as my life without emotions unfolds and I am getting the most interesting, revolutionary and thought-provoking thoughts…

Ever evolving –



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