Day 2

Day two was not much different from day 1. I came to the conclusion that my emotions are in fact, in symbiotic relationship with the brain …they could be called the children of the brain. The children, the younger sibling, or a favorite pet – because my brain was in the habit of constantly checking with my emotional self, even know I have fought with it and resisted it as much as I could.

For example, I woke up today to discover that a bird has made a nest on my windowsill and has laid 4 eggs in there. In fact there were 2 birds – mom and dad – so without thinking I snapped a photo and pushed it to Facebook. After I did, I realized that I actually didn’t want to do anything for personal joy and that Facebook postings probably fell into that category… I am learning as I go! Immediately post Facebook deletion, I felt sad!.. Now, I quickly dismissed the feeling and went to work…but this is how it went.

When you are having a depression or feeling sad (for any reason) it is best to work – work 24 hours if needed, work, until your body aches, groans, and complains of feeling tired!.. Trust me, you will not have the time to be feeling sad. Or as an alternative, you can work out – if your routine is done for the week, work on your abs, calves, you can do KenPo, kickboxing or any sort of sweat-til-you-bleed cardio. Dance like they did in the 60s!

As a part of my “no more feelings” campaign, and conscious monitoring of the brain (which is necessary to avoid emotional decisions), I decided to wear primarily RED COLOR this month – signifying action and being in constant motion.

If you wish to join me in my campaign, you too can order “I HAVE NO FEELINGS” t-shirt in red in the zazzle store. What this will do is promote more action, more determination, and more TRUST in your ability as a grown up – a child side of our brains is just that. A child. Look at all bad things that happened to us, all of it. It was Him!

Stop feeling!!! Start living.


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