Get pleasure, avoid pain = nothing but an APE program !!!

2015/05/img_9262.jpg We’ve been programmed /wired/ with our “old operating system” to get pleasure and avoid pain. In fact, pain is so uncomfortable we will do almost anything to rid of it. Once I put it out there I realized once more how primitive we are and how attached to our “children” – here we go again, Phoenix is gonna give another lecture on harm from FEELINGS!!! Yes and don’t mind if I do!!! I am a strong believer in higher consciousness and discipline – and this can only be achieved when your brain is not detrimented, and your focus is not weakened. Focus is the power of energy. And feelings is the only uncontrollable force that stands in the way of a rational and calm human being and a fearful “nervous” animal. If I could kill that animal, I would. If I could hire a designer and cut out all but a bunchful of feelings like some tangled up wires with my wire cutters , I would do so in a heartbeat! Feelings are my enemies – and I try as hard as I can to fight them.
While exercise, working, and physical activity helps, I still wish there was an OFF switch to sad, glad, mad. I am actually going to try meditation this week to dis-attach myself and experience complete calm, like the calm of still lake… Not a wave! Not one feeling. Just determination to succeed and be satisfied – instead of ape’s constant drive “to please himself”, and to base his every decision on what feels good; I make the decision on “what is the healthiest choice”… I make the decision to learn to be smarter, tougher, and more evolved from the primitive ape!!! I also want to be closer to God – God is the calm storm himself, and we have nothing but a very old 10-rule testament to guide us. God really needs to update his “website!!! ” Quite some time has passed. How about: “Thou shall not feel”? We could really avoid murder with this one(just stop feeling angry). How to we prevent lying? Stop feeling fear. How do we stop cheating? Stop doubting. Stop coveting at your neighbours wife? Stop feeling lustful and self-entitled.
It is this easy. Feelings are good for the theatre – where they are paid for. Or the movies, where tears run like rivers threatening to destroy cities (btw I hate watching those drama-filled tear-jerkers). Are you going to miss your feelings? Try it! Try living the anti-feeling life for yourself, simply dismissing emotions like the wind because they don’t matter, they are not important, and they are as fleeting as the weather. (And just as destructive!) It’s not necessary to get yourself from sad to happy – if you are sad (which happens sometimes for no reason, even to me), you say to yourself:”I have NO feelings”, and carry on!

Adopting indifferent attitude towards happy, sad, or shocking events is the key to mastering your inner animal and embracing, loving, and trusting your HUMAN SELF!!!

Adopting such an attitude doesn’t make you a robot. On the opposite it makes you smarter and helps you make better, rational decisions. Listen to your brain! Love your brain! Make friends with your brain – not your brain’s pet! And rewards will be numerous. I already noticed an unhealthy level of distrust to myself, questioning myself without my touchy-feeley self. But I am finding it more and more liberating each day, it’s definitely working for me or I would have already quit. 🙂

I hope to have peaked your curiosity and wishing you evolutionary progress whenever you might be ~~>
Your cyber-friend,


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