A cure for “I don’t know”

2015/05/img_9659.jpgThis will be a short know-how of how to deal with your brain freeze. It’s not uncommon even for people of a superior intellect with a super-high IQ, to freeze up and draw a complete blank (“the black screen of death”) – when brain computes in one of those old DOS command-prompts a simple phrase: I DONT KNOW.

This post will address the I don’t know cure, and you can try it yourself and let me know how it worked for you. Give it a Like if it did, or let me know how you’ve dealt with it!

So I’ll get to the cure: if your brain refuses to compute and you are drawing a total blank, the best thing to do is to stop thinking about YOU (to become totally detached), and act only in best interests of the person/ or problem you are dealing with. You can even imagine that you are wearing the red cape and you are a superhero of your choice (Batman, Superman and Spiderman are my all time favorites).

Now, there are SOME people who are naturally empathetic who love to sacrifice themselves in some noble helpfulness. My Neighbour C. is such a person – he helps me to install my furniture, carry stuff, and even alerts me of fire hazards. When he sees “suspicious activity”, he is not the one to ignore it. Oh and it would insult him if you offered him any sort of gift – he helps just because he wants to be useful. He is a prime example of a Christian who loves his brother/neighbour as he does himself. I am truly lucky with my neighbours 🙂

Anyways, back to the cure, you have to enter a superhero mode and  “SOLVE A PROBLEM” by taking a complete responsibility and that means you must make a decision yourself (don’t let the other person make a decision and don’t ask them to) . Another caveat: be helpful by all means and go out of your way, to solve a problem YOURSELF, but do not seek an immediate reward. Just be the boss of the situation, be the HERO and save the day. The reward will come later – trust me. Even if it seems like a “lost cause”. The key is to be completely selfless in this MOMENT of helplessness, and take charge. And yes, it takes courage to be the hero!!!

What’s the difference btw the winner and the loser?
1.The winner jumps over an obstacle, the loser lets the obstacle overcome him. Focus on overcoming a problem, BE the solution, and don’t seek a reward(this is what I have learned many times over).
2.The winner takes charge, the loser let’s others take charge, thus becoming helpless, becoming a victim of circumstances. If you make a pact to always take charge, I can guarantee you that helplessness will get replaced with feeling in control and being empowered.
3.The winner has patience and leaves emotions out of the equation while the loser loses his marbles and becomes too frustrated to deal with something. (The winner is in control of his emotions, the loser is a slave to his emotions).
4. The winner can, the loser can’t. I just will say, you will hear the loser loud and clear, because they complain, blame others, and often become defensive – they are “passive-aggressive”, while the winners are “active-assertive” and rather than focusing on the “why it was too hard”, they focus on finding the right answer. Losers will spare no detail explaining and exaggerating a problem so it seems bigger than it really is.
5. The winner is not afraid to lose, and thus they take more risks. I will expand further on this – the winners are again in control of their base emotion, which is fear. The losers DON’T ACT, they await for the right moment and sit on the fence (can’t decide).

Hmmm. A footnote – It’s more than OK to pause and do your DUE DILIGENCE, researching your subject matter to the full extent so that your actions are based on solid data, rather than hearsay and a wonderful spiel. Remember: “not all is gold that glitters”!

SO I don’t 100% agree with this statement because we can’t blindly agree to everything just because “we have no fear” or we want to risk thousands of dollars for the sake of being bold. We absolutely must take CALCULATED risks, but BE SMART ABOUT IT.

More Winners Vs Losers coming up.
Good night peeps!
Stay in control.
Your sibling in transformation,


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