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Random Thoughts

Random ThoughtsI don’t do coffee dates. In my lifetime, coffee cups have done enough embarrassing things to me in order for me to know better – including but not limited to : sudden spit in my face; splatter on my shirt or pants; or do that weird one line squirt across the room. Whoever invented coffee cups, had a devious sense of humor. You get enough coffee for your buck for a small shower. 
Which brings me to a rather scary thought that I should probably quit coffee. There are alternatives now such as a caffeine pills and herbal concoctions.
While we are also on the subject of dating. I like dating now but I am still not ready for a relationship. After a rather mind crumbling breakup in August 2015, I’ve picked up pieces and finally recovered, but it has been a long and windy journey. Many brick fortresses have been built up around my heart – ditches have been dug up; “Do not enter” signs posted. This whole experience has taught me many lessons but also got me back to ME: I am alone and happy in my skin. Dating is fun, but I’ve become a serial dater without any desire to get too close. I became focused on my life, my Goals and aspirations , and decided to explore a relationship with myself instead. 
For Example I discovered a new motto: “Custom Life. Build it. Live it.” I suppose I could create my own universe with my own microclimate 🙂 
So let me explain when I said custom life, I decided to DIY everything in my life. One day I’ll build my own house but for now… Build THINGS around the house that are unique. Grow my own vegetables. Paint my car. Hell, I would be even open to the possibility of buying a sewing machine and making my own custom clothing. I am talking about creating a unique life with unique experience, unlike anyone else who shops at the same shops we all do. The key here I am making it – not buying it ready to consume. Easy life is for suckers. I am somewhat romantically inclined toward the Renaissance Era and the Amish way of living. Those people are brave for ditching the umbilical cord of convenience, and embracing the discomfort real life can bring..I am taking myself out of the aquarium and into the ocean.. Sure, there are sharks in the ocean. But the experience is RAW and real. We modern people cherish and baby ourselves too much. No real strength can come out of incubator. I watch “Naked and Afraid” and sympathize with those real men and real women: they are there recognizing the raw and brutal power of nature…and many still don’t realize how far off we’ve come in our expectations. Nature can never be tamed!.
And so away I go into the riskier and more of an unsafe category than originally thought. Is it out of boredom? Or is it the inner Magellan in me waking up on the inside?..
 It is all for the better.