Daily Archives: May 3, 2016

My decision making processĀ 

All my life I was afraid to make a choice. I was afraid to make a wrong choice. It was more like fear of missing out! So in a store when I had several choices I just put both items in my cart and said: I’ll take them all! That’s right. Salespeople love me. My mind gets tired of constant comparison of features. 

So just like in dating, I decided to make a choice to NOT MAKE A CHOICE. I’ll take them all…

So in choosing a Dashcam, I decided to try out each unit for as long as the store will allow (15-30 days), then return and repeat a process. That way, I am off the hook for making a final decision – since I am in the process of selecting…. A process which may never end. 

To me this is the only viable solution to painstaking madness. In Latin I believe the word Decision means, “to cut”. We essentially eliminate other choices by choosing something once. 

Some will say I do not trust myself… But trust is something you earn. I have only one life, and choices are rather abundant. So rather than put myself down for not being the blade wielding samurai who decisively cuts out things out of his decision-making path, I consciously chose A BETTER WAY. No more cutting – this ends the violence and gives everybody a fighting chance!!! 

I think it made me a better person – by realizing my weakness and turning it into strength! The process is no longer painful. Sure, there will be times in life where I won’t be able to “claim it all”! Perhaps when buying a house. Or tying the knot, if it was ever to happen. But in most cases I can find my way to make an honest decision to choose it all – if not at once, then in a cue! It’s not so hard. Then after owning everything for a little while, it becomes not so important what is to come, the finality of the situation. You can always say: “THIS IS THE BEST DECISION FOR THIS TIME”. Think about it : if we can’t duplicate ourselves, we may as well take advantage of what’s at hand, in a tempting situation.