My Workout Routine

I now have revised my workout routine for maximum muscle growth. As a sidenote, I do Abs and Cardio (running) every day. Abs only take 15 minutes a day and Cardio 20-30 min. When it comes to training, however, I’ve switched to 1ce a week per muscle group to avoid catabolic (muscle-wasting) state.

DAY1. Abs, Stretching Exercises. Then its a chest and back day. Remember that your training should take 1 hour or less. Also remember to take your

chest and abs


AB RIPPER X: 25 reps each.

1.In and Outs.inouts 2. Crunchy Frogs.crunchyfrong 3. Bicycles.(FW/BACK)bycicle
4.Fifer Scissors.fiferscissor 5. Wide Leg Situps.widelegsitup 6.Hip, rock and raise.hiprocknraise
 7. Pulse-ups.pulseup 8.Oblique V-Ups.obliquevup 9.Leg Climbs.legclimb
10.Mason Twists 50 reps.Mason-Twist 11.Elbow Crunches.elbowtwists


As a warm up you can do good old Pushups and Pullups.

1. We start with isolation exercise which hit the pecs. (Lying down) Dumbbell Fly’s (downwards sideswipes). Lift dumbbells up above you and touch together above the chest, then lower to the sides to the bench level. (Different from #1 because of the angle of your arms – facing straight up vs facing together). 3 sets of 10.

2.(Lying down) Bench or Dumbbell Press. Press up and down above your chest. Repeat. (Incline works Upper chest while Lying down works Mid Chest). 3 sets of 10.


3.(Lying down) Pullovers. With both hands hold ONE dumbbell, raise up above the head, then lower behind your head, keep arms straight. Then bring back up.

4.(Incline bench) Barbell Press. You will do same as #2 only with the barbell on the incline bench, and this time you will do 4 drop sets starting with the heaviest weights and all the way down to least heavy ones that you can comfortably do 12 times, without rest.


1.Bent-over rows w barbell. This is very circa Romanian Deadlifts only you are bent over very much like a gorilla (torso parallel to the floor, knees bent)and you bring the barbell up to your stomach using your arms only.

2.One-arm rows. (L) Bend over besides the bench, and hold on with your Left hand to the bench whilst the right one fully hangs down – then lift upwards bending elbow backwards.

3.Good Mornings. In the Smith machine, you start out in a torso bent parallel to the floor and then straighten up.

NIGHTTIME: Cardio: 20 min.



Warm up with 10 min biking.

squatnarrow1.Extensions. Next, do leg extensions to conform to first isolation – then compound, rule.

2.Leg Presses. 3 sets of 10. If you want to focus on the hamstrings and your glutes – you have to have narrow stance and position legs higher on the plate.


      3. FRONT of QUADS. If you are working on a quads development then LEG PRESS is an ideal exercise as it will allow you to lift heavier. So if you want a nice teardrop above your knee, position your legs a little below the center of the plate, and assume a little wider then shoulder-width stance.


  • Important: Keep the heel ‘glued’ to the plate – DO NOT LET GO OF YOUR HEELS OR YOU RISK KNEE INJURY.
  • Do not straighten your knees completely, so as to not “lock” your knees.
  • Your starting point on the leg press is “LEGS UP”.
  • Deeply inhale, pause below, then exhale during your “effort” time pushing upward until you reach a 90 degree angle.
  • Don’t press the plate closer to your chest, reducing the 90 deg.angle, or you risk rounding your back and thus injuring your spinal discs

4.Front of QUADS. Squats with barbell in front (you can cross your arms on your chest) – this position helps the barbell rest comfortably on your deltoids. NOTE: I find this position extremely uncomfortable. Instead, I hold the barbell in a position from below with my palms/elbows facing up.

       5.LATERAL QUADS – this excercise will help you “iron out” the sides of your legs. For this you use Hack squats:

  • In hack squats, position your legs shoulder-width apart and high on the platform to protect your knees. Hack squats will stimulate growth of the outer side of your quads. “GLUE” your back to the wall and don’t let go!
  • After lowering yourself to 90 degrees, exhale after pushing upwards and un-bending your knees. Quad’s main function is to un-bend your knees.
  • Hack-squats are wonderful for the back, as there’s no risk of rounding of your back and injuring discs, like during regular squats.
  • DON’T PAUSE when you reach the lowest point, press immediately upwards.

6. Squats. (See post-it on the Right). NOTE:post-it-yellow

I do 2 types of squats – 3 reps of wide stance with toes pointed out; and 3 with narrow stance with toes straight. Use a brick or a rolled mat for the second one to add elevation below your heel.


  • Deep squats are not for people with knee problems. There’s a risk of knee injury if you use heavy weight and squat below 90 degrees.
  • Keep your corporal muscles, including your stomach, squeezed – always be concious to keep your back STRAIGHT and don’t round it, or your risk to injure spinal discs.
  • I don’t recommend deep squats to ALL NEW LIFTERS, period. Your back muscles are not yet strong enough, so when you start out, focus on training your back muscles during the CHEST/BACK days.
  • Start with an inhale, then pause, then exhale on the biggest effort.

8.While you are holding the barbell, may as well do Romanian Deadlifts for hamstrings and glutes. 3×10.


  • Very important to keep the back straight – very high risk of injury! If you catch yourself rounding your spine, STOP! Don’t do this excercise until your abs and back muscles are strong and stable enough.
  • Keep the barbell ‘glued’ to the legs. Your buttocks will not be straight, instead, your legs and glutes will be under a slight angle towards the back/behind of your body. This may seem like a scary idea (for fear to lose your balance) but your barbell is heavy enough to keep you balanced, and you NEED this angle in order to achieve straight back and proper form as well as straight knees.
  • The load will fall on the upper part of the “biceps of the legs” and the glutes.
  • Do NOT squeeze your stomach muscles.
  • Lower the bar as low as you can without rounding your back.

9.Glute ham raise (hyper extension of the hip). These I do on the decline bench and they really HURT your hamstrings. They are great for the back too.

I have deleted Calves from this section, but you will do your Calves on the same day but during NIGHTTIME – I would do first seated, then standing Calves exercises. Try your hardest to lower the plate as low as you can, and to lift as high as you can. The higher you can go, the more muscular fibers are activated during the exercise.

CALVES. Do 6 sets x 15 reps.
Calves consist of 2 muscles – soleus, which lies underneath gastrocnemius (the visible part).


  • Turn your toes inwards.
  • Turn your toes outwards.
  • Your should do both seated and standing calves in order to activate both inner and outer muscles of the calves. Start with seated calves to warm and engage the underlying muscle first (soleus).
  • If your shoes have laces, UNLACE them before doing calf exercises.
  • Ways to do standing calves if your gym doesn’t have the standing calf machine: get up on tiptoes while doing leg presses and deliberately and slowly push up.
  • Smith machine standing calves: with the brick underneath your tiptoes, go down and then push as high as you can.

arms and shoulders

Shoulders. [Update: I now only do 3 sets that are much more efficient. The idea is there are 3 different shoulder muscles: front, middle and back “heads”. I no longer do the below exercises so the Shoulder section will be updated soon.]

shoulderpressmachine1.Straight Shoulder presses with dumbbells and/or barbell. You can use a shoulder press machine like the one on the left.

2.Shoulder flies with dumbbells. Do the same whilst bend over (sitting on a bench or just bend over standing). You can also do one armed flies while holding on to something.

3.Shoulder raises in a vertical direction with dumbbells. Alternatively, you can hold on to a single barbell plate to your head level.

4.Lying on your stomach, with elbows bent, perform dumbbell flies aka#2.

Arms. Arms consist of biceps and triceps.


1.Bicep Curls.

2.One-armed bicep curls with a dumbbell.

3.Forearm Curls with a barbell.


1.Lying French Tricep Press. This is aka chest#3(pullovers), only we are lying and holding one barbell straight above chest, then bend elbows and slowly allow the barbell lower right above your forehead. Then lift back up.

2.Tricep Pulldown Machine.

3.One-armed tricep raises, while bent over over the bench on one knee.

4.Raise your whole body using your triceps and bending/unbending elbows. This can be done at home.

AND FINALLY, CARDIO in the evening. Choose whatever cardio you like –  fast walking, biking (you will probably too sore to bike today after yesterday’s grueling leg day), kenpo, kickboxing or aerobics.


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