1.  I am a GREAT LEADER! I am creating Happiness in my and other people’s lives!
  2. Every day in every way my life becomes  better and better!
  3. I AM Organized. (To the point that my organizer is filled to each minute of the day weeks, months ahead)
  4. I Always stay calm and composed, I AM A MOUNTAIN susceptible to all weather conditions, I don’t let anything rattle my inner ocean. I remain calm and never get upset in harshest of storms/ life situations – harsh conditions “test” my inner strength, and I want to PASS THE TEST!!!. Afterwards, I can smile about it.
  5. I AM VERY decisive!!!. I AM decisive and opinionated but I need to make my decisions quicker and for that I need to sit down and foresee the scenarios in which I might have to make future decisions, so that I already have an opinion about something.  A real leader, like a chess master, can precipitate several moves ahead and has a vision for the future: a wonderful vision sprinkled with details and clarity. I am that person who always has a solution for a future problem and who can bring out that vision the FASTEST!!!
  6. I Constantly set goals and achieve them!!! I precipitate problems and their solutions. I am a person of the FUTURE.
  7. I improve my image – I am someone memorable, I always look good, so need to constantly work on improving my image and be constantly driving my ratings UP!!!.
  8. I have big ambitions. I have that ‘greater vision’ that elevates me above everyone else.
  9. I have high levels of energy and can stand up for my opinions. I accomplish that by being inspired by my goals, exercising, and being confident and positive. (It means eliminating negative people)
  10. I AM RESPONSIBLE not just for myself but those who surround me (no matter their societal position) by assuming my own leadership at all times. I accomplish that by imagining that people’s lives depend on me and I need to be able to step up at any moment and save them, protect them/their rights, even without their permission, even if it means that I have to protect them from themselves (WHEN I FORESEE HARM). “I know better” and I will use my internal compass of right and wrong at all times. This leads me to be more selective with people I allow to surround myself with – these people have to be strong, healthy, capable problem solvers, and people I can honestly allow to represent me or the group. Also by selecting people of highest pedigree, I expose myself to people I want to learn from and be inspired from.
  11. MY WORDS ARE STRONG AND POWERFUL – I always keep my promises. “Not one word weak” as said in the Bible.
  12. I am an attentive listener and I know how to give meaningful praise to motivate people. In order to know more about people I ask the right questions, I learn what motivates them, I learn what they value (their values), what do they want to be recognized for. Real leaders know how to elevate  and lift other people’s spirits.
  13. I have the ability to influence people, to compel people to make the right choices, to help them make decisions, I am liked and trusted.
  14. I am a teacher, I teach people – people love to learn – so I tap into their learning channel to teach them better ways to accomplish their goals.
  15. I avoid “unsure” vocabulary ( phrases such as “I don’t know”, “Maybe”, “Possibly” “I think” , “I’ll try”) and use confident vocabulary: Fantastic! I understand you Perfectly. Yes, of course we will! Absolutely. Certainly! Rest assured! No problem. I believe so! I am saying it confidently. With all my heart. It is a proven method. Consider it done. Definitely. Totally. In all certainty. Alright, decidedly so. Easily. Unquestionably, undeniably, indisputably. Honestly. We Might. Credibly, in all honesty, in full disclosure. Usually, obviously, completely. Really, for real, in reality. I know it will happen. I have it under control. I will find out. When opportunity presents itself.
  16. I combine 4 animals in me – the Lion (for charisma and invulnerability), the Snake (for ability to eliminate enemies and fire or let go of people who no longer serve me), the Fox (for being clever and diplomatic), and the Dove (for having a spotless “holy” image, mitigating but being above conflicts, and ability to see the big picture/see ahead).
  17. I usually take the invulnerable position of strength and I am a good actor — I know how to act out situations to illustrate them/tell stories and scenarios to illustrate my point of view. I am entertaining, I have a great sense of humor and I can make people laugh about themselves. Or, I can scare people so they can realize dangers they haven’t seen before.
  18. I combine softness and harshness, seriousness and silliness  – I am also very sincere, I talk sincerely and from the heart.
  19. As a true leader, I also serve controlling function – I always check and re-check the facts, as nothing is as it seems. I don’t believe everything I see, so I always examine tasks for mistakes.
  20. I understand the role of segmenting, dividing and breaking down things into their core functions. I carefully analyze all obstacles that lie on the path of true success, and always look to improve our processes.

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