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A New Kind Of Tuesday


What doesn’t kills us…or almost kills us…makes us stronger

Hello, kids. I started my day with a few hours at the gym. I thought I’d post my Tuesday’s routine for Shoulders and Arms. I am constantly tweaking it but also I will be talking about the science behind the workouts – after all, to achieve something, it’s important to know how it works. One rule to remember in your workouts is – you start with large, heavy compound exercise, and then finish up with isolated exercises.


Before we start, think about the beauty of shoulders!!!. Let it be your main motivator. Even with developed biceps, your physique will not be complete without the beauty and balance of well developed shoulders. It’s important to continue to work on shoulders separately, because it’s possible to ‘lose your shoulders'(just like any muscles that don’t get used, shoulders also face atrophy…which I’ve actually seen with some of my friends)

  1. Shoulder presses. Shoulder presses are done with the barbell, from your chest – if you have noone to spot you, there’s a great press bench at your gym with a metal catchbar to ensure against falls. Remember to keep hands right above the shouders (not too wide) and then press upwards, completely un-bending your arms. Slowly lower the barbell, then powerfully lift back up.
  2. Dumbell presses. Bend your arms and hold dumbells on each side of the shoulders. Then lift up, and bring the dumbells together at the highest point, then lower back down.
  3. Barbell upwards rows. You start with your hands low down, lifting the barbell to the chin (and thus your elbows will be above the bar while wrists are facing the mirror).
  4. Dumbell sideswipes. Lower your arms and bring them together before you. Then powerfully, sideswipe upwards (up and to the side) – hold the dumbells so that the back of the dumbell is higher than the front; and remember to stop fully so that you don’t gain the momentum for the next lift.
  5. Bentover sideswipes. Same as #3 only body is bent over to face the floor (can be seated), repeat sideswipes. Just as in #3, remember to keep your thumb lower than a pinky.


  1. Barbell Curls (Biceps). Make a pause at the highest point, then in a controlling motion bring down(don’t just drop down)
  2. Dumbell Curls.(Biceps).
  3. Wrist Curls. (Forearms).
  4. French Tricep Press.(Triceps). Bring arms holding barbell UP before your chest, slowly bend down.
  5. Unbending Arms by Vertical Resistance Block (Triceps).

So I am very, very sore from my leg day today. It turned out to be a hectic day, having to put out a few fires and still every day is a struggle to keep it real. I am sure many of you readers have been through a personal tragedy of your own. I have experienced emotional death after my breakup, and yet the Sun is still coming up in this world unaware of our internal battles. The question is, does this hold you back or does it push you forward?..