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Get pleasure, avoid pain = nothing but an APE program !!!

2015/05/img_9262.jpg We’ve been programmed /wired/ with our “old operating system” to get pleasure and avoid pain. In fact, pain is so uncomfortable we will do almost anything to rid of it. Once I put it out there I realized once more how primitive we are and how attached to our “children” – here we go again, Phoenix is gonna give another lecture on harm from FEELINGS!!! Yes and don’t mind if I do!!! I am a strong believer in higher consciousness and discipline – and this can only be achieved when your brain is not detrimented, and your focus is not weakened. Focus is the power of energy. And feelings is the only uncontrollable force that stands in the way of a rational and calm human being and a fearful “nervous” animal. If I could kill that animal, I would. If I could hire a designer and cut out all but a bunchful of feelings like some tangled up wires with my wire cutters , I would do so in a heartbeat! Feelings are my enemies – and I try as hard as I can to fight them.
While exercise, working, and physical activity helps, I still wish there was an OFF switch to sad, glad, mad. I am actually going to try meditation this week to dis-attach myself and experience complete calm, like the calm of still lake… Not a wave! Not one feeling. Just determination to succeed and be satisfied – instead of ape’s constant drive “to please himself”, and to base his every decision on what feels good; I make the decision on “what is the healthiest choice”… I make the decision to learn to be smarter, tougher, and more evolved from the primitive ape!!! I also want to be closer to God – God is the calm storm himself, and we have nothing but a very old 10-rule testament to guide us. God really needs to update his “website!!! ” Quite some time has passed. How about: “Thou shall not feel”? We could really avoid murder with this one(just stop feeling angry). How to we prevent lying? Stop feeling fear. How do we stop cheating? Stop doubting. Stop coveting at your neighbours wife? Stop feeling lustful and self-entitled.
It is this easy. Feelings are good for the theatre – where they are paid for. Or the movies, where tears run like rivers threatening to destroy cities (btw I hate watching those drama-filled tear-jerkers). Are you going to miss your feelings? Try it! Try living the anti-feeling life for yourself, simply dismissing emotions like the wind because they don’t matter, they are not important, and they are as fleeting as the weather. (And just as destructive!) It’s not necessary to get yourself from sad to happy – if you are sad (which happens sometimes for no reason, even to me), you say to yourself:”I have NO feelings”, and carry on!

Adopting indifferent attitude towards happy, sad, or shocking events is the key to mastering your inner animal and embracing, loving, and trusting your HUMAN SELF!!!

Adopting such an attitude doesn’t make you a robot. On the opposite it makes you smarter and helps you make better, rational decisions. Listen to your brain! Love your brain! Make friends with your brain – not your brain’s pet! And rewards will be numerous. I already noticed an unhealthy level of distrust to myself, questioning myself without my touchy-feeley self. But I am finding it more and more liberating each day, it’s definitely working for me or I would have already quit. 🙂

I hope to have peaked your curiosity and wishing you evolutionary progress whenever you might be ~~>
Your cyber-friend,


Are you attached to your happiness???

People wish us happiness. People “just want to be happy”. Some even come to thing that happiness is a meaning of life. In truth.., you would be just fine without happiness, and expecting and chasing happiness is just another form of unhealthy attachment. Not to mention that happiness is just a feeling! And a feeling, like any feeling, is fleeting – I have even compared it in my previous posts as a “wild horse” of your brain. Instead of trying to feel good or avoiding feeling bad my suggestion is to simply QUIT feeling altogether. It’s best to feel nothing at all, or “to feel content”. Contention should be like an empty cup – not bad nor good, emptiness cannot be good nor bad. It’s just not there.
So for a week now I’ve been trying to fill my mind with this intentional void, trying not to feel. When feelings inevitably came, I dismissed them as soon as I consciously realized they were there – as if they were just winds, I exorcised my unwelcome guests. Some crept up, like a feeling of sadness that would slowly come up as a knot in my stomach in the mornings. I could tell that this sadness was trying to tell me some unexpressed thought from my “lower self” who was mute and couldn’t speak… but I had to simply “work through” the feelings as if they were a passing sickness – the sooner it’s gone, the better I’ll get!
…Because I’m trying to live from the higher plane here, without chasing some invisible, uncontrollable firebird. I am my own person here, living my life in the moment of existence and simply “content” with emptiness and it’s lack of meaning – other than bringing past and future moments together; conceiving and bringing my goals and visions to fruition; I am simply, traveling in time.
So when we are talking about us humans being slaves to our emotions – when we as humanity are so exorbitant that we, my friends, are EMOTIONALLY OBESE!
What is this, this sadness, or this gladness… This madness??? It’s self-indulgence. It’s lack of self-control. It’s not being able to separate your animal nature and your human nature… Your cortex. WHY? Well first of all, we as humanity of the 21st century, are not very emotionally intelligent – our technological advancements and actual human evolution has progressed much more!!! Ever wonder why is that? Maybe because our emotions and our intelligence is two separate entities – not even apples and oranges! They couldn’t be more different. Since emotional “creature” (or Animal) lies within our brain, our Thinking Entity (or Humanity) has assumed responsibility of a parent to it – it’s been taking care for it. But… We are separate – we are not one and the same. Our animal “pets”, or our emotions, are a separate being which is WAY OVERESTIMATED and whose importance is blown waaaaay out of proportions. I think it was created as our downfall – god didn’t want us to be too perfect, so he created this capricious animal within us – so that only the most intelligent people could concur and tame the “beast”, thus living a fulfilling life to a complete satisfaction of his minds capacity. Those who were led by the beast, have degraded and perished as result of DEVOLUTION – those species who used their intellect less, have unknowingly regressed and suffered mental degradation, becoming more primitive over time. People who have schizophrenia or other mental problems, tend to have exaggerated feelings. Perhaps it’s a natures way out – giving the person with mental decline a tool to self destruct. After all we are talking about The Beast, or our Lower Self. We all have it, but are we the ones in control?..

I will let you ponder on that.
Your sibling in transformation –