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Happy Thursday to You.

Hello, kids of all ages. Muscles of all sizes! This is Phoenix on the other end of the web, “webbifying” my earthly experiences one post at a time: living, loving, lifting!.. STAYING STRONG. Stay strong with me!!! Keep cool and keep on going!.

What am I grateful for today? I’m grateful for life, for peace, for glimmering hope – so happy for freedom that I exercise in every aspect of my life (well almost every aspect!). So happy for new friends I made at the gym today (I’m talking to you, Terry!) – as always don’t be a stranger and come up to say “Hi!” to me if you see me sweating next to you. So happy to enjoy my daily ‘burn’ – as Arnold calls it “the best feeling ever”. So happy that the AIR is still free! I enjoy my free air!!! (PGE bill, I don’t enjoy seeing YOU). All in all, grateful for all the opportunities, and for the vast amount of resources that I am aware are available for me (I only have to find/go get them). So grateful for the lessons that life gives me – I love learning, evolving and growing!!! Definitely a million thanks for that. Grateful for the mercy of the Lord and for the immense amount of divine love and compassion in the Universe – I feel it, I accept it, I receive it!.

You can tell from the tone of my post, that I am feeling somewhat better today. Since my Personal Trainer V. has quit a few days ago, I have started with a new trainer, A. “A” is an overall a much happier person, whereas V. was seriously mean, like a really mean dog. He was so mean that it wasn’t even funny! “V” would over-challenge me, and not in a good way. He would say: “I’m ashamed of you. GO HOME!” It was always a battle and he just made me feel bad; he would not motivate me in the right way – since I am mainly self-motivated, it’s enough to say to me: “You want those muscles, don’t you? So, you gotta give it your all! You can achieve it!”. V. was a negative motivator – he motivated with shame, which I believe is not a good tool for a trainer. A. however is a total opposite – he under-challenges, and gives me too little of a load, where I have to fight him to give me more. He is much more positive in his approach which is at least something I can work with.

And of course, in the evening I will come again and I will do my workout MY WAY, the way I feel I need to be challenged and my muscles shocked with the right intensity. Which brings me to tonight’s workout – it’s a leg day again, but I am adding a nice GLUTE workout and intend on staying for about 2 hours today from 8 to 10 PM.


  1.  Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Seated hamstring raises (machine)
  4. Sumo squats with a kettlebell
  5. Kettlebell one legged deadlift
  6. Romanian deadlifts
  7. Glute raise with weight
  8. Seated leg curls (machine)
  9. Hip thrusts for glute development (Make a bridge with legs and put shoulders on bench. Thrust hips as high upwards as your hip can go.)