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Give Way for Wednesday

Letting go of fire in your heart...with or without closure

Letting go of fire in your heart…with or without closure

Wednesday started with soreness in my arms from yesterday and also leftover pain in my hamstrings. Ouch! Thus I knew it was going to be a cardio and Abs/Calves day. Usually I try to make at least an hour worth of cardio, but today I only did 30 minutes due to soreness in my legs. You gotta listen to your body, it will give you cues when it’s not ready for intensive exercise.

A few folks were joking today saying we call the Gym our “Intensive Burn Unit”.

Emotionally it was a difficult day for me.

I have been getting strange messages from my Ex today – “I hope you are well” – I haven’t been responding, since it’s over between us and I am in no condition to reopen old wounds.

I get that when people separate they don’t necessarily know what to say to each other. We haven’t had a “closure talk”, breaking up was something we did over the text in a few minutes…so my guess is, the Ex has ‘pent up’ words that need to come out. I am leery of this and I don’t see value in closure – once you have separated, the boat has left the shore. Can you still talk to the people in the boat, if it left the shore? Sure you can scream something…wave…but chances are you won’t be heard.

Or a better analogy for me, would be if you took a gun or a sharp knife – and shot/stabbed me right in the heart; you knew Read the rest of this entry