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Saturday …day 1 on a Separation Diet.

3168734019_2821fc7e9a   Welcome, friends. Today, I’m going to share a HUGE secret with you – it’s very exciting, as I will be sharing a new “miracle diet” I will be trying out for the next few months. After all,dieting overcomes yet another fiery demon we all know: the hunger! Before I delve into all the details let me tell you what it is and how it differs from all the “diets” you’ve heard of before:

  1.   1. There’s no foods you will be specifically discriminating against by minimizing or cutting out.
  2.    You heard me right! No “Forbidden foods” list! True, but this diet does not favor milk and milk products. So while you ‘can’ continue eating dairy, as we don’t have forbidden foods in this diet and this diet should STILL work if you continue with your dairy, the full disclosure is that the author of this diet doesn’t advocate dairy and gives many arguments against it. SO…use your own judgement.
  3.   I will be the test rabbit for this diet so we should see a 1 month, 2 month, and 3 month results posted right here on this blog.    No calorie counting. That’s right – this diet presupposes that you eat “til full” and trust yourself in this natural process. There should be a natural decrease in appetite.
  4. No pills, herbs or supplements added to aid in this diet. The reason is – it’s not really a “diet”, but instead this is letting my digestive system to correct itself and turn back years of abuse. The goal is to speed up metabolism and cleanse the system of toxins absolutely naturally, improving my overall health.

As you know, I have embraced separation, but now I took it even further by going on a diet…so here goes, a moment we’ve been waiting for, the big REVEAL:

Introducing, a Separation diet!


Not a very well known diet, I know, but this diet doesn’t limit anything you eat (if you are building/sculpting your muscles, this is great news) – instead, you separate eating your Proteins and your Carbs in a timespace of at least 2 hours. You can add vegetables to either group – just not fruit or deserts. In a separation diet, you speed up your digestion by letting your intestines develop better enzymes by focusing on one food group. Now, I don’t eat deserts (because of preservatives/lards/trans fats), but if you bake healthy/simple deserts, it wouldn’t be a bad thing once in awhile, if you follow a 2 hr separation rule. I however just stick to fruits, – fruits in Separation diet are allowed, after the usual 2 hrs ‘break’. You cannot mix your fruits with milk/cheese, it’s just fruits, so if you eat yogurts, they will now have to be fruit free yogurts. It’s OK to have milk group (for example if you mix your paleo/protein shakes in milk) on its own, perhaps with a bit of peanut butter for a flavor. THAT”S IT. A fairly simple diet, if you ask me.

I am already missing my carbs, as I’ve noticed that I’m favoring meats over pastas today…So it’s a challenge to try and stay ‘truly separated’, but according to the book I’ve read, this should impact my metabolism and help me lose weight in a more natural way.  If we would have been able to ‘peek inside’ of our stomachs/digestive tracts, it would be a gory, disgusting sight of slow Au-juix fermentation…you can check out a few YouTube videos of this atrociously gross process of stomach juices breaking down foods. By mixing too many groups of foods, we actually slow down the process of digestion to twice or longer times. This not only impedes absorption of all the essential vitamins and nutrients, but actually “clogs” our intensines with plaque. If you’ve ever gone on a ‘cleanse’, you know what I mean…we are talking DECADES worth of pollution. Usually it’s a good idea for a cleanse if you are: 1)20 yr old 2)30 yr old 3)40 yr old and so on…So we are talking about a 10-year “warranty” on your intestinal tract (kind of like a 10K miles on a car) before a cleanse.

Happy Dieting!..

Yours truly,