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Goal Setting and Achieving

I only share with my reader’s that which I am myself, intensely interested in. This time also I have done extensive research about goal setting and achievement… Many books, YouTube videos and even movies were published regarding this fascinating subject. As you recall in the movie “the secret” we are told “that which you can conceive and believe you can achieve.” It’s also says that your focus becomes your reality. Your focus in essence is your energy – imagine a cord that is very flexible, with one end starting in your mind, that contains a lightbulb on its end – whenever we direct our attention and our thoughts to something we also direct our energy there. We then light up the object of our attention so it’s it’s possible to feed the source of our attention with energy whether we wanted or not. That’s how reiki specialists and hypnotists are able to maintain high amounts of energy – the first thing they do is they train to maintain their focus for as long they can — keeping their focus on one object for extended period of time (for example five minutes). It can be a black dot painted on your wall or as with reiki practitioners there is a constant focus of attention in their fingers/fingertips. We too can practice our focus – akin training our wild horses that are used to jumping from one place to another without restraint, every day, to being those magical mystical beings that are capable of bringing our dreams to reality. So here are the four things we must do:
1. Only feed with your energy that which you wish to flourish and come to reality. Like money don’t freely give away your attention… Instead preserving it for the things that really matter. Where does it really pay to direct your energy so it multiplies and works for you? Direct it only to the things that give you joy; to do things that contribute to your self development either physically or mentally; direct it in other words to the things that work for you and your goals.
2. Ask yourself “who am I ? who am I that I going to meet in the future, a person in whose direction I am walking to every day?” Then create 2 scenarios in your mind…in one scenario imagine the perfect you – the one that you want to be if you keep doing the steps that you outlined for yourselves. The life that future you will be living, the house that person will be residing in, their feelings that person will be experiencing, the diplomas that will be hanging on his wall and the wonderful people surrounding Him, admiring, and being thankful to “this person”.
And in the second scenario imagine a lazy fat and unkept person sitting on the couch, and being abandoned by their children. Exaggerate the filth around that person….exaggerate all the horrible things that happened to him …exaggerate the disgust and resentment and shame that THIS persons family feels towards them. Any of this scenario which is one of the technique of negative motivation, tell yourself that this could be you, if you don’t do the steps, that you outlined for yourself. If you don’t keep walking towards your goal, you can be that person. And now, feel it in your heart, how much you don’t want this reality to be your reality. You are not that person! And you never will be. You have what it takes. So you will leave that scenario behind you and you will walk towards a wonderful and bright future that you deserve. The past doesn’t belong to us and future is not ours. Ours is only the present, the present which is slipping away with each passing moment. In truth, the present is not ours either: ours is only a shadow point between now and the next moment, The strength and confidence we feel are ours to own and to master. So leave behind the fears about tomorrow or the fears about death – we as humans are not the owners, we are renters… We are just as temporary as the flowers, the trees, like the next moment that comes and slips away …like the river that flows and renews itself. So REJOICE and take pleasure in every moment. Prepare yourself for opportunity, for achievement, for a triumph, for joy!
3. What can I do? Grow every day that what you can to learn every day – you aren’t going to get tired to learn and advance yourself – remember that we are perpetual students for lifetime and learning never stops, ever! That’s why the wisest said to us – “the only thing that I’ve learned is that I know nothing. ” For nobody knows the future.
4. What do I do? Every day, do three things and take at least three steps towards your goal.
5. What do I have? This is the last stage of goal making – this last stage will reflect on all of your steps that you previously have taken, and like compass, it will show you, if you’re on the right path. Good luck!

PS – I have talked before about the resources, or building blocks to goal achievement, as being your Energy Levels. But one important caveat here, aside from being focused, is the level of your Emotional health. Being calm and overall happy – protecting yourself from unnecessary emotional outbreaks – is another important factor in maintaining your energy resources high. For emotional holes will drain energy quicker than you can say Mississippi.