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Are you attached to your happiness???

People wish us happiness. People “just want to be happy”. Some even come to thing that happiness is a meaning of life. In truth.., you would be just fine without happiness, and expecting and chasing happiness is just another form of unhealthy attachment. Not to mention that happiness is just a feeling! And a feeling, like any feeling, is fleeting – I have even compared it in my previous posts as a “wild horse” of your brain. Instead of trying to feel good or avoiding feeling bad my suggestion is to simply QUIT feeling altogether. It’s best to feel nothing at all, or “to feel content”. Contention should be like an empty cup – not bad nor good, emptiness cannot be good nor bad. It’s just not there.
So for a week now I’ve been trying to fill my mind with this intentional void, trying not to feel. When feelings inevitably came, I dismissed them as soon as I consciously realized they were there – as if they were just winds, I exorcised my unwelcome guests. Some crept up, like a feeling of sadness that would slowly come up as a knot in my stomach in the mornings. I could tell that this sadness was trying to tell me some unexpressed thought from my “lower self” who was mute and couldn’t speak… but I had to simply “work through” the feelings as if they were a passing sickness – the sooner it’s gone, the better I’ll get!
…Because I’m trying to live from the higher plane here, without chasing some invisible, uncontrollable firebird. I am my own person here, living my life in the moment of existence and simply “content” with emptiness and it’s lack of meaning – other than bringing past and future moments together; conceiving and bringing my goals and visions to fruition; I am simply, traveling in time.
So when we are talking about us humans being slaves to our emotions – when we as humanity are so exorbitant that we, my friends, are EMOTIONALLY OBESE!
What is this, this sadness, or this gladness… This madness??? It’s self-indulgence. It’s lack of self-control. It’s not being able to separate your animal nature and your human nature… Your cortex. WHY? Well first of all, we as humanity of the 21st century, are not very emotionally intelligent – our technological advancements and actual human evolution has progressed much more!!! Ever wonder why is that? Maybe because our emotions and our intelligence is two separate entities – not even apples and oranges! They couldn’t be more different. Since emotional “creature” (or Animal) lies within our brain, our Thinking Entity (or Humanity) has assumed responsibility of a parent to it – it’s been taking care for it. But… We are separate – we are not one and the same. Our animal “pets”, or our emotions, are a separate being which is WAY OVERESTIMATED and whose importance is blown waaaaay out of proportions. I think it was created as our downfall – god didn’t want us to be too perfect, so he created this capricious animal within us – so that only the most intelligent people could concur and tame the “beast”, thus living a fulfilling life to a complete satisfaction of his minds capacity. Those who were led by the beast, have degraded and perished as result of DEVOLUTION – those species who used their intellect less, have unknowingly regressed and suffered mental degradation, becoming more primitive over time. People who have schizophrenia or other mental problems, tend to have exaggerated feelings. Perhaps it’s a natures way out – giving the person with mental decline a tool to self destruct. After all we are talking about The Beast, or our Lower Self. We all have it, but are we the ones in control?..

I will let you ponder on that.
Your sibling in transformation –



Saturday is here at last!!!

Djinn.full.174076 Wow, what an intense week! I learned many lessons, and set new goals for myself. For those who don’t know me, I am a deeply spiritual person, and I take my everyday experiences as spiritual lessons for growth. It’s my belief that each and one of you is a spiritual being¬† first and foremost – we are different but made in the same image, and we function mostly in the same model…If you imagine people like cars, being driven on different roads, in different weather conditions, we can try and imagine that some of us have bigger wheels created for different terrains, and some of us have fickle handling, but all in all cars are cars(people are people): they have the same 4 wheels, the same mechanisms of functioning; although some vastly stronger and better made than the others. Some of us have “Sport” suspension and some have “Comfort”, for example, right? And even so, while we all drive different roads and majority of us will never meet (or meet only for a brief period of time while we are stuck in traffic), we are aware of the vastness of the Universe. We fight for our common rights as a humanity, aware of how fragile we are and our short shelf life. We try very hard to analyze ourselves and figure ourselves out: what is this button for? and what if I do this, will it result in that?

But being human, not cars, we KNOW that it’s not possible to always use logic. It’s not possible to always explain everything. Example from my own life: I am a miracle child. My mother was told she could never have children, and then, to surprise of all family and friends, she had ME. Could she explain that? No. Doctors told her that it was PHYSICALLY impossible. And despite that, she never stopped praying, she never lost hope. It didn’t kill her – we are talking years of therapy, hospital days, and painful medication, failure after failure and the difficult prognosis, she was told one day she had cancer. And yet immediately after the diagnosis, without telling anyone, instead of going to the hospital, she decides to go on vacation and take a summer time off her treatment. She comes back and goes to the doctor, thinking the worst: the upcoming radiation treatments, and the gruesome possibility of death. However, that visit to the doctor was full of shocking surprises: not only the doctor tells her that there’s been a “mistake” and that she has no cancer…BUT, THAT SHE IS ALSO PREGNANT!!! Something they told her she could NEVER have!!! How incredible it must have been for her!!! I am truly humbled that it was GOD’S WILL that I be born. He must have had something great for me in store, my life truly was a gift…and I don’t intend for it to go in vain…I want to express my gratitude to my mother for her incredible faith and love…I don’t know a stronger person than her – not even Arnold Schwarzenegger, not even a strongest man on earth could compare to her inner strength, a great spirit in her that gives her that angelic glow of confidence. I take my hat off to my heroic mom, whom I love with all my heart. She is the one who instilled an incredible will to live and fight in me – to never give up no matter what anybody says.¬† Our lives are in the hands of God, above all.

….So what did this week entail for me? Mostly just tweaking my routine. Let me make you a few presents: I LOVE MAKING PRESENTS, including presents for my readers! So my gift to you is I’ll share a few supplements I started on, the main one is called Creatine, which is suppose to help with growth and energy delivered to your muscle. It’s only been 3 days or it so it’s too early to tell anything – the only thing I know it’s totally natural, it’s not harmful in anyway to my body, and it just helps to maximize my efforts at the gym – to lift that final rep. It’s not a harmful drug, not a narcotic, it doesn’t make you feel any different that you are feeling right now, and it doesn’t affect your thinking. For me, a health buff who does NOT drink alcohol, does not smoke nor take drugs, it was very important not to pollute my body. So I am staying true to myself – my body is my temple, and I feel good about giving myself a healthy boost, and helping creatine to ‘create muscles’ more effortlessly (BUT NOT WITHOUT EFFORT LET ME TELL YOU THAT!).

The second supplement is just protein, I am not revealing anything new here, so just continuing with my protein shakes before and after my workouts to amount about 80 g of protein.

The third supplement you probably heard about, and maybe there are a few people who don’t know about this one, is called ALPHA LIPOIC ACID. This healthy substance acts very similarly to insulin in the body without any harmful effects that sugar can produce in your body – in fact not only does it help in nourishing your muscles in conjunction with Creatine, but Alpha Lipoic Acid is a VERY healthy substance that keeps your brain healthy, repairs your liver, and keeps you from aging. Excited? I don’t know about you but I am!!!


So armed with these healthy tips, I hope you have an awesome weekend! I am going to head out on the golf course and enjoy this wonderful weather. Go out there and do something that gives you joy, even a little bit of joy goes a long way. For example I know, that for me, to experience this exhilaration and simple moments of happiness, I need to be behind the wheel of my CAR, to drive , to look around and rejoice the scenery around me – there are plants and trees behind that window, the skyline and suns rays, and then I get this feeling of happiness inside…my inner SUN starts to shine too!

Thanks for reading!

~ Yours,



“HOW-TO” Wednesday – live, love, lift!

5347684_fdc7_625x1000Welcome kids! Today, I brought you fresh treats!

So let’s begin today’s HOW TO’s:

  1. Q: How to act in harsh, trying situations? A: Act cool and with dignity!
  2. Q: What kind of people should surround me? A: We are a product of our environment. Surround yourself with successful, positive, uplifting people! Surround yourself with people that are BETTER than you.
  3. Q: How to fortify your spirit? A: Your spirit tempers through overcoming adversities.
  4. Q: How to overcome your fears? A: Fears create a “fake wall” between you and your success. You must keep walking towards your fears and right through the wall – once you do, the wall will disappear and behind the wall, you’ll find achievement !!!
  5. Q:How to train the power of your will? A: The stronger your will, the more respected you are. You don’t have to be made out of steel, to have steel willpower! In order to train your willpower, start with making small decisions and following through with them (“I do what I say”). Always honor your own promises to yourself and stick with the words you’ve said to others. There shouldn’t be one “weak word” in your vocabulary. Fill your words with POWER by being truthful to yourself and others.
  6. Q: What is HAPPINESS? A: It’s not “a warm gun, shoot shoot, bang bang!” Happiness is when all three components of your being are feeling good: the body; the spirit; and the mind. Only when you keep this “holy trinity” well tended, only when you are happy yourself, can you then make “the other party” happy. THUS, we cannot be happy with people who are perpetually unhappy.
  7. Q: What is TRUE LOVE? A: True love is unconditional, it is the love that mothers love their children with. When you truly love somebody, you experience joy to see the other person HAPPY, you are able to forgive and feel gratitude. In the absence of love, people feel jealousy, anger, and despair.
  8. How to be a powerful person? A: Being a powerful doesn’t mean being bossy, domineering or controlling. True leadership starts with taking responsibility for yourself and for others – powerful people LOVE to take on huge responsibilities and are accountable/trustworthy.