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Feelings and why we don’t need them.

Do we really need FEELINGS? What is the function of feelings, and what would we do if we didn’t have them?..
The main thing that comes to mind, is feelings are serving as a brain-check function, to make sure that we are not stupid, that we will not put our hand in the fire and let ourselves get burned. Totally understood as a tool in childhood or babyhood. But afterwards? In my mind, our feelings are a destructive force, which are not helpful in anyway. They can potentially do more harm, then good. The only useful feeling that we can focus on is the feeling of satisfaction. All the other feelings we could live without – I know it is said that feelings make us human, but in truth feelings make us more like animals. Only those who can truly harness their feelings and understand that the best benefit is received when we are content, and when we are not feeling anything at all. Sure, some will argue that we couldn’t exist without fear, fear is our best motivator. In truth however the horses that are attached to our imaginary carriage are of service to us ONLY when they do nothing at all. We don’t need feelings to propel us forward, we don’t need horses to move us along. You can think of these so called wild horses as more of an impediment, then something useful. It’s not necessary to tap into our animal nature in order to achieve things, because our thinking capacity is smart enough to deduct that fire will burn you, that the bills need to be paid, that there is a negative consequence to your action or lack of action. So how are feelings useful? Well the only useful feeling that I find is a feeling of satisfaction. And this feeling is only achieved by completing an action successfully. All the other feelings are irrelevant and can be over-rided by your brain. At the end of successful lovemaking comes an orgasm, for example. It is achieved after the actual action that you’ve taken. It is the end result and is the only function of the horse which stands after the jockey in our diagram. So think of your horses is a potentially damaging force, which, if contained and controlled properly, can bring you a reward in the form of positive emotion. But this reward is not necessary for us to survive, and we could in theory live without it and still be mentally satisfied at the end of our journey. In fact many take pleasure in the PROCESS of their work – when you are simply being content while the action is being taken. It is you giving a command to your horses and to the man in the carriage(the decision-maker) that they need to rest, nothing is required of them. Some talk about this feeling of inner peace, this meditative quality of the person when they are completely void of emotion, and are simply living the moment by taking a proper action without overthinking it, and without feeling fearful or doubtful about what they’re doing. And such quality can be seen and felt by others and referred to it as almost magnetic feeling of radiated self-confidence and inner power. So yes – it’s good to learn to be indifferent and unattached to your feelings, and to not overestimate your horses as something useful in this century, because it is not.
FEELINGS = More damage than good, serve no function, connected to your animal nature intended for self-preservation. Feelings = cannot always be fully understood, as they are deeply rooted in us as a very ancient and outmoded part of our operating systems. As I said earlier the only good feeling is a feeling of satisfaction. The feeling of joy that we feel however can be easily attained by going to a comedy club. Watching a TV show. Doing drugs. And doing a multitude of other things that are not really productive, and are NOT a reward as it should be, for completing a conscious effort. Think of it as getting paid for not doing any work at all. I am not saying that you should stop seeking pleasures in life or watch TV. But you could limit it and give it to yourself only when you truly deserve it. Think about it. Could you live without any pleasures in your life? Try, as an experiment, to live ONE DAY in your life without any pleasures at all.

Therefore, once again, feelings are overrated. Some who live their lives for attaining cheap pleasures are fooling themselves into being fulfilled. This is wrong in my mind. In truth, this is not happiness! Happiness lies in living your life actively and achieving a program / goal that your mind sets out to do. So Never think ; what will bring me happiness? What will bring me pleasure? It is the wrong way of thinking. Pleasure is not important. Joy is not a goal. Achieving is. And achieving is only possible with the help of:
1. Making a decision and utilizing your mental capacity.
2. Taking a physical action.
3. And lastly, making sure that the wild horses of your feelings are well contained/controlled. The best feeling is a NO feeling. Can we forbid ourselves to feel? Can we let ourselves feel only after a successful task completion, as it should be? Can we learn the power to at least harness our feelings so they don’t damage us? Try it! 🙂 Try “firing” your horses and keep good hold of your reigns on them.

Then see how far you can go without them!