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“HOW-TO” Wednesday – live, love, lift!

5347684_fdc7_625x1000Welcome kids! Today, I brought you fresh treats!

So let’s begin today’s HOW TO’s:

  1. Q: How to act in harsh, trying situations? A: Act cool and with dignity!
  2. Q: What kind of people should surround me? A: We are a product of our environment. Surround yourself with successful, positive, uplifting people! Surround yourself with people that are BETTER than you.
  3. Q: How to fortify your spirit? A: Your spirit tempers through overcoming adversities.
  4. Q: How to overcome your fears? A: Fears create a “fake wall” between you and your success. You must keep walking towards your fears and right through the wall – once you do, the wall will disappear and behind the wall, you’ll find achievement !!!
  5. Q:How to train the power of your will? A: The stronger your will, the more respected you are. You don’t have to be made out of steel, to have steel willpower! In order to train your willpower, start with making small decisions and following through with them (“I do what I say”). Always honor your own promises to yourself and stick with the words you’ve said to others. There shouldn’t be one “weak word” in your vocabulary. Fill your words with POWER by being truthful to yourself and others.
  6. Q: What is HAPPINESS? A: It’s not “a warm gun, shoot shoot, bang bang!” Happiness is when all three components of your being are feeling good: the body; the spirit; and the mind. Only when you keep this “holy trinity” well tended, only when you are happy yourself, can you then make “the other party” happy. THUS, we cannot be happy with people who are perpetually unhappy.
  7. Q: What is TRUE LOVE? A: True love is unconditional, it is the love that mothers love their children with. When you truly love somebody, you experience joy to see the other person HAPPY, you are able to forgive and feel gratitude. In the absence of love, people feel jealousy, anger, and despair.
  8. How to be a powerful person? A: Being a powerful doesn’t mean being bossy, domineering or controlling. True leadership starts with taking responsibility for yourself and for others – powerful people LOVE to take on huge responsibilities and are accountable/trustworthy.