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Another reason I hate feelings. And announcing NO PLEASURE MONTH!

Doubts! Another negative pesky feeling that stands in a way of decisive action. Doubts disguise themselves as thoughts, but don’t let them fool you: your horses are trying to run away with the carriage again and prevent a positive action which leads to a goal achievement. Had I told you that I decided to fire my feelings this month? As a challenge I decided to dismiss ALL of my feelings, ignoring them – bad or good. I only allow good feelings of satisfaction AFTER a goal completion but otherwise I forbade myself any pleasures – no more TV, games, no more fake happiness and false fulfillment. My horses will have to earn their living now by being obedient and giving me only what I want, when I want it. Did I ask for doubts? No. I have no place in my life right now for ANY negative emotion, period. I am only allowed to feel satisfaction when I have earned it. And this month, I am announcing a NO PLEASURE month. That’s right – no conscious pleasure of any kind. Will I survive? I am actually excited about trying this.

I will keep you posted!!!
All the best in your fulfillment in life!!!