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Lesson of the day: How to kill Demons or…Remember who you are!

Today’s lesson is on how to deal with ugly behavior – ugly behavior breeds uglier responses. It’s almost like seeing a person get possessed by a demon – the demons ultimate goal is to possess you. Through another persons weakness you become the target to fall lower than he did. In response to an ugly action, we perceive the person in front of us for an enemy…

I wanted to also mention the same tactic that Devil used in Hitlers times during Holocaust. By dehumanizing people their spirit was targeted at the very core, as they clung to the last threads of sanity, they watched faith die….And with faith destroyed, it was an easy task for the Grim Reaper to claim lost souls.

So what is the right way to deal with peoples ugliness? My answer to that, when you are faced with a Demon, (I say symbolically that you are faced with a demon, when you can’t recognize the person you know and love) you can kill him with a skill/tactic I call CPC. The key to this tactic is:

How you act represents you, always. How you act under pressure however , represents who you truly are at your very core. It is your true essence. If you were a lemon, under the pressure a lemon juice would pour out.
2.Remember who the offender is.

So with this in mind the CPC method would work like this;
1.Begin with a Yes, I understand.
2.AND … You are a reasonable, kind person.
(Insert a Compliment stating the good qualities of the person. The qualities that aren’t showing at the moment. )
3.BUT I am …a person who should be treated with respect .
(Insert a Program, an instruction manual on how you expect to be treated)
4. AND THEREFORE a bright person like you will find a worthy companion in no time.
(Insert another Compliment about some positive trait in this person).

Thus you have not succumbed to this demons trap to fall to his level or lower…Instead, you told them who you expect them to be…and sandwiched in between two compliments an instruction manual on how you expect to be treated. After saying that with calm dignity you walk away without an argument. That’s it.

I hope today’s lesson is valuable to you one day 🙂 We all become demon-slayers – killing them with the shield of CPC kindness.

Good luck.