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My thoughts on Rejection

Featured imageI am going to put some thoughts out on Rejection and why it happens. First of all rejection obviously sucks. But I have a theory, so hear me out, and I guarantee you it will make you feel better:


I know. What a concept. But, if I had to trace back all the instances where I got rejected, in my heart I already criticized and rejected it first – strangely, weeks or days prior! I don’t know if this is helpful, but…if you don’t want to get rejected, in the heart of hearts you must accept THAT which you are after, with warts and all. Well, can you?.. It may take some time to come to peace with it, to examine it’s every flaw and tell yourself that you like it, you love it. Just the way it is.

I remember one instance many years ago, where I had a job interview, where I REALLY wanted the job. I did, and yet, in the heart of hearts I resented the interview itself, the horrible hours, the manager who I knew was a jerk, and a few other “red flags”. All of these factors that I couldn’t accept, I planned to change. “If I work hard and fast enough, I maybe able to cut an hour hear and there. The manager could always get promoted and I could get his job. The cafeteria is not the only eating option I can find.” In other words, I wanted to change EVERYTHING. But to Universe who am I? A speck. An unimportant little speck who doesn’t know shit. To Universe, most importantly, I was someone who already rejected this job on so many levels. So I didn’t get the job. It was “subconscious rejection creates conscious rejection” scenario.

Or perhaps those who were in an unhappy relationship, one who got rejected had ALREADY rejected the other person long time ago. Trying to cope and accept on all levels is not an easy task – it’s hard on both parties! The rejectOR becomes a mirror of that which he or she rejects. Makes sense?..

Ponder on that.

SO…The moral of the story is, if you want something badly, you must also learn to love it, and to accept it’s many folds and wrinkles. Tell yourself what do you like about it, list all the features, and the reasons they suit you. THEN, watch how subconscious acceptance create conscious acceptance, cooperation and harmony. Watch yourself align with the UNIVERSE and it’s many stories, parables and multi-chapter novels. (AND FORGET TO FEEL, feelings do nothing for manifestation, it’s been tested and tried. If you wonder how I feel about feelings, check my previous posts).

And with this, I leave you.

Yours in transformation,